Hottest Spots in Atlanta, Georgia

There is no shortage of fun to get into in the beautiful city that is Atlanta, as you can see from ; but if you’re looking for the hottest spots to see, know that the nightlife in this city rivals any major metropolis, and that’s just scratching the surface of what it has to offer. Are you ready to experience the old-world charm and new-era vibrance which lights up Atlanta every day and night? Here is your primer.

Prohibition Bar

Located in the swanky and popular Buckhead neighborhood, Prohibition replicates the speakeasies of the 1920s, when alcohol was illegal and keeping consumption on the down-low made it that much more fun to imbibe. Guests to Prohibition must first acquire the code for entry, and there’s a shirt-collar dress code for men. Once inside, though, sit back and enjoy tasty cocktails, good grub from nearby restaurants and the bar’s excellent cigar selection.

The Optimist Restaurant and Oyster Bar

With those “I’d rather be fishing” bumper stickers in mind, consider trying this seafood hotspot next time you’re in town, because there is simply no better in the city. If you’re looking for the kind of top-notch seafood that you can usually only find much closer to the coast, this is your inland heaven. Get started with the fried oysters and make sure to end your meal with flourless chocolate cake.

MJQ Concourse

If your night isn’t complete unless you’ve gotten down and boogied on the dance floor, head to the MJQ Concourse, a hotspot for all kinds of crowds, thanks to both the cheap drinks (a round of beers will cost you somewhere in the six dollar-range) and the lively, rambunctious vibe from the partygoers. You could come in your most fabulous designer get-up, but you will almost assuredly come home drenched in sweat, so dress accordingly. Friday nights feature the wildly popular Old School Hip Hop theme.

300 Atlanta

No, this is not Sparta, this is still Atlanta, and it’s upscale bowling at its very best. Do you have what it takes to make those bowling shoes look good? The lounge-style set-up is perfect for people of all ages, with the added and surprising bonus of an extensive drink and cocktail list, plus some fine eats as well – everything from wings and chicken fingers to wraps, gourmet pizza and some delectable desserts. A terrific spot for a hot date night that’s filled with laughter and a little competition, too.

So now you know – Atlanta sizzles under the sun, but its residents and visitors alike know that the hottest places to be are mostly indoors, where there’s food, drink and good company.

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